Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and Depression….What is that? Well it took me almost 20 years to even figure it out. I noticed that in my 20’s I started having alot of sadness in my life, alot of not wanting to do anything or even be bothered with anyone except my child. And even then it was a major struggle. Crying and feeling sorry for myself, failed relationships that I wouldn’t wish on anybody, those in itself will have you going crazy. Some days it’s the crying, other days felt like I was going to die when my heart would beat out of my chest. What’s this? Why am I feeling like this, I cant get anything done. Finally, I got up the nerve to go see my doctor. Omg when I tell you I almost left because I felt like I couldn’t talk to a stranger or even family members about how I was feeling. Minutes later I was called to the back part of the doctors office for my consultation. A very deep breath is what I took and then I let it all out. Boy did I LET IT ALL OUT. After the tears and memories that I had forgotten about or at least pushed back to the part of the brain that has a lock and sign on the door that says Do Not Enter. I felt so much better and the doctor didn’t judge me at all, he just gave me a hug and stated that I just took my first step to freedom. I take meds as needed and I am very thankful that I went to see about me. If you’re having feelings that you just can’t control, please seek help.


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