Money Sucking Website Review

Before I get into this conversation, I just want you guys to know that I really did know better.

First off, I was thinking about how I could make a little money via a website and then out of nowhere I receive this call about how to make money using the money sucking system online.

I thought to myself, hmmm give it a try. Well, needless to say that was a bad idea after giving up my 47 bucks.

I had a rep call me and ask some questions, he then asked me for my email so he could setup a login and my phone number was my password.

After a million tries, I still could not login. I called back to only get a voicemail. He then texted me and said that he put my email in wrong and to try again, so I then tried to login on my cell.

I was able to login on my phone but when I tried my laptop it just keeps saying loading. I need this to work on my laptop so I can utilize all the features.

Now its three days later and it still says the page is loading. I give up!!! I think I got got if you know what I mean.




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