Toothache from hell

This is a painful story about a cracked tooth.

Once apon a time about three years ago, I was eating a big fat tootsie roll and “BAM” I felt something that was not right. It did not belong with the tootsie roll. So I took the candy out of my mouth and to my surprise the chewed up candy had white bone looking particles in it.

OMG what had happened was I cracked my bottom tooth. How embarrassing to have that happen to someone like me who prides herself on keeping her teeth healthy. Needless to say I did not go to the dentist because it did not cause me any pain.

Fast forward to now.

I have been feeling a little discomfort recently, so I decided to take a couple of aleve to help the discomfort subside a little bit. Once again no major pain. Three nights ago, I felt a little pain so I took one aleve and let me tell you, I should have taken two and some ambesol and maybe should of even blew it way with a shot gun. Just kidding but omg I thought my tooth was in labor in the middle of the night and about to give birth to a baby tooth. Never have I ever felt this much pain other than giving birth and I did that twice.

So I’m saying all of this to say, when there is an issue with a tooth or other body parts that are not feeling well go see a doctor or a dentist.

But in the meantime, gargle with salt water, use pain meds such as aleve or ibuprofen, and a little orajel or ambesol will help a little until you can see a specialist.


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