Online Business

Never knew it was so hard to start an online business. Once you get through the process of thinking about a business plan, then it’s setting up a website and boy oh boy that’s a challenge in itself. Days, nights, weeks, months, of trying to get it right and learning how to add things and take away things..whew! And then one day its done.

You are ecstatic!! Now the hardest part is going live and pushing your site out to the masses. You network on fb and Instagram, you find a way to scrape up money that you don’t have just to promote your site to anyone who will look at it. 1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits, and still no sales.

1 month, 2 months, 3 months, no sales. You ask yourself “What am I doing wrong”. Why isn’t anyone purchasing anything? Does the site appeal to the masses? Do I need to recruit a celebrity? ( In my dreams).

You check your stats everyday, every other day, once a week because you are frustrated and ready to give up. Well I am NOT going to give up because I know that one day my site is gonna become as popular as amazon…one day.

Here goes the website information if anyone reading this would like to take a look. Thanks for reading my blog today and Happy New Year. I hope that all of your dreams come true.


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