2021 A Year In Review

Well, Well, Well…… What a year!

Started taking online college classes in the summer and I must say it has been very interesting in a good way. Celebrated mom’s birthday in Atlantic City and had a great time. First time ever being a solo dolo driver. Made it my business to stop every 2-3 hours to pee and stretch haha. The trip overall was awesome. Met up with family in Philly as well. The summer was alright, got a chance to actually leave the state in the midst of a pandemic. Youngest kid moved out of state and sadness is an understatement of how I feel right now. Thank God for facetime! Schools decided to let the masked children back in during the start of summer/fall classes as well. Fast forward to Christmas break…kids are back online due to the surge of the omnicron variant and it will be evaluated after MLK day in 2022. My houshold got sick several days before Christmas and had to stay away from folks which lasted good into the New Year. That part sucked so bad I swear. So that was my year in review for 2021. Oh yeah website is still up and running even though it has been 3 years and no business yet. ( Inserts sadface ).



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